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Summer Raffle 2023 Winners - 7 September 2023

£5,0002368128Mr G Seager
£1,0002333500Mrs A Dooley
£5002496773Ms Y Stevenson
£252362964Mrs G Boldero
£252083335Mr J Whitbread
£252368688Mrs D Corbett
£252014307Mrs D & J Dawson & Priddy
£252275874Mr T Garvey
£252053106Mrs H Mcquade
£252460904Ms T Marzolini
£252451034Dr R Waller
£252496987Mr M Smith
£251065829Mr F Ponsford
£252317137Mrs F Every-Clayton
£252028333Mr M Oles
£252498440Miss J Reynolds
£253217994Mrs C Munro
£252176619Mr P Rimmer
£252255732Mr R Lawrence
£252223713Mrs L Hall
£252040964Mrs M Ellingworth
£252099879Mr J Garwood
£252091556Mr R Bucknall
£102337845Mrs G O'Connell
£102250749Miss C Sansby
£102509017Mrs J Murray
£102363928Mrs A Shuttleworth
£102425141Mr J Wells
£102438225Mr P Harrison
£102360248Mrs V Stevenson
£103096122Mrs P Humphris
£102011355Mr S Carey
£103130953Mr B Mullinger
£102301257Mr N Moor
£102509111Mr F Noyce
£102164009Mrs C Armstrong
£102039393Mr C Lewis
£102053976Miss M Mcdermott
£102295841Mr J Dawes
£102402734Mrs K Curran
£102259726Mr M Leah
£102307635Mr R Sanders
£102437945Mrs F Judd
£102418478Mrs P Barker
£102220330Mrs L Smith
£102316366Mr A Stubbings
£102291322Mrs H Thomas
£102466479Mr J Mcconville
£102175142Ms G Hanson
£102483137Mrs R Stafford
£102221774Dr B Veeravagu
£102454285Mrs R Cacchioli
£102483438Mr I Adkin
£102288246Ms G Dutton
£102307623Mr J Carter
£102481977Mrs S Mcnab
£103004051Mrs A Rae
£102509851Mr/Ms B Gohil
£102154300Miss A Scott
£102396735Mr B Sheard
£102176617Mr P Rimmer
£102332586Mrs M Welsh
£102467283Mrs H Dunn
£102422120Miss E Hickman
£102474634Mr F Hill
£102020566Mrs B Brennan
£102383721Miss B Pollacchi
£102316887Mr S Powney
£102460271Mr J Watson
£102366505Miss L Funston
£102343739Mr E Allen
£102009246Miss H Cox
£103095798Mrs P Twyman

Summer Raffle 2023 Golden Draw Winner - 7 September 2023

£5002381805Mrs H Hersant

Summer Raffle 2023 Early Bird Winner





£250 Early Bird Prize2486826BoyleBournemouth

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