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Here's what you could win by playing:

1st prize
1 lucky player is guaranteed to win £1,000 every week!
2nd prize
Starting at £250
Our rollover increases by £250 each week if it's not won!
3rd prizes
25 lucky players will all win our 3rd prize of £10 each week!
4th prizes
5 prize entries
100 players will win 5 entries into the next week's draw!
Currently at £250
Our rollover's guaranteed to be won if it reaches £10,000!

Win big and help rebuild lives after stroke

"Losing my speech is like being in a bubble. You feel trapped in yourself." Alisha, stroke survivor

Every day in the UK, another 240 people wake up to the catastrophic impact of a stroke. Mums, dads, grandparents, young people, even children – anyone can have a stroke and its impact is traumatic. A stroke can leave survivors unable to move, see, speak, or even swallow, and impacts the whole family.

With strength, determination and the right support, recovery is possible.

The Stroke Association is the only charity in the UK providing lifelong support for all stroke survivors and their families. But stroke support needs vital, scientific research into stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.

Every week you play our lottery, you’re helping us provide tailored support to tens of thousands of stroke survivors each year, fund vital scientific research, and campaign to secure the best care and support for everyone affected by stroke.

So have fun playing our Weekly Lottery and feel good knowing you’re helping stroke survivors with their recovery and rehabilitation.

How to play our Weekly Lottery

Complete our online sign up form, selecting how many draw entries you want, how long you’d like to play and how you’d like to pay.

We’ll send your lottery membership number and your unique lottery numbers to you by email or post shortly after you sign up.

The draw takes place every Friday. Each week there will be at least 126 winners with one lucky winner getting a guaranteed cash jackpot of £1,000.

Our 2nd Prize is a rollover, if it’s not won, it will roll over by £250 every week, up to a maximum of £10,000 when it is guaranteed to be won!

If you’re one of our guaranteed weekly winners, you don’t even have to make a claim – your prize will automatically be posted out to you.

You’ll find the winning numbers here on our Winners page every Friday after the draw. To play our Weekly Lottery, you must be aged 18 years and over.

Play now

Good luck!

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