Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives.

Every week, you'll help us rebuild them.

A stroke is a brain attack that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. It happens 100,000 times every year in the UK, destroying lives and tearing families apart.

By playing our Weekly Lottery, you’ll help the Stroke Association provide specialist support, fund critical research, and campaign to make sure people affected by stroke get the best possible care and advice.

Kevin, stroke survivor, with Lucy, Stroke Association Support Coordinator

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"It's so reassuring to know the Stroke Association is there."

Paul McLean - stroke survivor

When 40-year old Paul McLean had a stroke, life turned upside down for him – and his wife, Suzi. She had to do everything for him, including feed and wash him. Feeling isolated and unable to cope, Suzi made contact with other carers through the Stroke Association. "I'm so thankful. It made a massive difference having a network of people to share our stroke journey with."

"My stroke group was a real saviour for me."

Ian Collins - stroke survivor

After a devastating stroke, Ian Collins had to learn to walk and use his arms again. Unable to return to his job as a joiner, he became depressed. "I felt like a shadow of myself," Ian says, "but the stroke group I was referred to helped me get my confidence and sense of humour back."

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