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1st prize
1 lucky player is guaranteed to win £1,000 every week!
2nd prize
Starting at £250
Our rollover increases by £250 each week if it's not won!
3rd prizes
25 lucky players will all win our 3rd prize of £10 each week!
4th prizes
5 prize entries
100 players will win 5 entries into the next week's draw!
Peaking at £10,000
Our rollover's guaranteed to be won if it reaches £10,000!

How your support helps

Every 5 minutes someone will have a stroke in the UK. By playing the Stroke Weekly Lottery you’re helping us find ways to prevent, treat and fund vital research. Together, we can protect people you love and care about - your family, friends and the 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK.

Hannah McGrath, 28 from Manchester, was working night shifts as a nurse in 2015, when she found herself needing medical care after having two strokes more

7 reasons to play the Weekly Lottery

Enter now and you’ll be in time for our next Superdraw draw where you can win £8,000.

Entering is easy and playing by Direct Debit means your numbers are automatically entered into every draw, as long as your account is in credit

NO need to check, we’ll tell you when you win. Can’t wait? You can check your numbers anytime here.

£1,000 top weekly prize to win every week, plus 121 additional prizes available to be won!

Just £1 a week to enter (why not double your chances for just £2 a week)?

Over 1,300 winners every year and over £87,000 to give away every 12 months

By playing our lottery each week, our players are helping us to provide support and care to nearly 50,000 Stroke Survivors each year

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Louise Rusher, a 43 year old assistant nurse from Kent, recently won not one but two prizes in our weekly lottery! After scooping the top £1,000 prize in April, Louise said:

“I’ve never won anything like this before, I was so surprised! I’ve won maybe £3 on a Lucky Dip but I was gobsmacked when I heard, it really made my day!"

Louise, who is a keen charity supporter added:

“it’s such a worthwhile cause – it’s not about winning, it’s about supporting people when they need it."

When she heard that her number had won again just 3 weeks later, she just couldn’t believe it!

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It’s a fun and winning way of supporting Stroke Survivors and be in the chance to win big prizes every week!

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